Prepping for painting!

Lisa working on making La Belle Lenore’s dress.  She will be our tattooed lady!

Ant Painting La Belle Lenore and tattooing her!

Lisa adds the finishing touches to her dress

Painting the Siamese twins for ‘Til Death...’

La Belle Lenore is finished!

Lisa working on ‘Mary Goes Round’

Painting Octavia!

The finished painting ‘Til Death...’  Oil and airbrushed acrylic ink on wood


    Lettering Zoltar’s case!

     Going mad!!!

The finished Wolf Girl!


Here is our little wolf girl, whose progress we’ve been following in these blogs.  In the last entry, she had just been seemed and painted.  Now its time for her hair work to start.  For the bulk of the hair on her head we made a wig by glueing a lycra skull cap to her head and hair was then sewn to this. 

In this picture you can see where the hair punching  now started.  This blends the hard line of hair where the wig ends and then continues all over her face to give her the final ‘wolf girl’ effect! 

Hair punching is a very very long and tedious process which involves inserting individual hairs into the silicone!

First the eye of a beading needle is cut down and sanded to make a very fine pointed kind of hook.  This is then used to hook individual strands of mohair and human hair and punch them into the surface of the silicone!

Well...thats all folks!  We have 9 new pieces in the Emporium Show at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin.  The show starts 8th June.  Hopefully we might see some of you at the opening!  Off to pack the car now for the journey to Berlin!  All our new work will be up on the gallery page of the website very soon!