Our ring master is taking shape. Head, body and hands are done.  Now its time for a make over!

Lisa at work on ‘Mary Go Round’

Ant working on Zoltar’s display case.

Zoltar sitting inside his case with work started on his body and clothes!  His head and hands are sculpted out of Sculpey.

Here is the head we showed back in the first part of this blog.  She has so far gone through sculpting, moulding and casting.  She is cast in a platinum silicone for longevity. 

Here, she has just been seemed.  Which involves smoothing over the moulding seems with more silicone so as they don’t show.  Next comes the paint!

Here, her head has been attached to an armature which has been fixed to the chair she will be sitting on and her body shape has been started.

Her head is now painted using a mixture of silicone and oil paints and painted on in thin washes.

Lisa working on the little girls body shape, which she fabricates out of foam.  Then she starts work on making a little dress out of an antique christening dress.

A line up of a few pieces in progress!

More soon!!