Ant busy at work

Sculpt for Hatter’s head

Hatters rough body form

Rabbits body and costume (minus his head!!)

Rabbit’s skull and bone hour glass

Welcome to our first blog entry on the new updated website! 

We’ve been pretty busy of late working on our pieces for The Mad Potter’s Tea Party show at the Strychnin Gallery.  We will have two new pieces at the show.  The show is inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland.  One of our pieces is based around the character of the Mad Hatter, which we have called ‘The Time Killer’.  The other is a mad rabbit character stood on top its very own hour glass called ‘Dead Time’.   You can see both pieces in the gallery section of our website.  We’re really excited about the show as it is our first for Strychnin and there are some amazing artists involved!  Ant drove over to Berlin to drop off the pieces last week and we are both looking forward to going over in February for the shows opening.

Here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ pictures of us working on the sculptures.